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The above picture of Tubakken is assumed to be taken in the summer of 1895. It's also assumed, that the young man at the left is the last of the family line to be born at Tubakken - Hans Dusinus Thomsen (1874-1959). Judging from his clothes, he is hardly an employed labourer. An obvious occasion is his confirmation (September 30th 1888) but I believe there is a picture in his photo album covering this occasion. Zooming on the original scanning of the above picture, it is possible to see, that he is wearing a hat. This is also the case in a picture taken of him in Kansas City, Missouri. Hans left for the States in 1892 and returned home November 1st 1894. His parents moved from Tubakken to Steendalhuus April 14 1896. It therefore seems reasonable to assume that the picture was taken in the summer of 1895. The two young girls/ladies at the center I have no good guesses about. Hans' parents Thomas Andersen (1831-1906) and Ane Marie Bertelsdatter (1833-1902) are the couple to the right.


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The focus of this page is the three families and generations, who lived - first as copyholders and later as owners - at Tubakken in Skaeve parish, Dronninglund District, Hjoerring County in Denmark, from 28th December 1807 and to 14th April 1896 and their ancestors and descendants.
Constructive suggestions as well as questions, are welcome.

Basically speaking all available material relevant to the greater family. The intention is that ahnentafels for these three generations should be publicly available, while information on the descendants in the public area can only deal with deceased persons. Any other information would require log-on with a password.

Ideally, all who have a genealogy program, and the possibility to make ahnentafels and registers (preferably with embedded pictures) can send a copy to the websites email address. It would be appropriate to add the given date and a version number, that could be shown i.e. in the footer of the document. This way we can jointly and regularly publish our results, while ensuring that it is always the latest version that is on the homepage. Further, each contributor then decide what to put in the public domain and what should only be available to family members behind a log-on. Links to external websites of relevance to the family will also be available.

As a child, one of the annual highlights were when clothing packets arrived from the U.S. Now and then they contained some exciting stuff. My first Hawaiian shirt was found and the first contact with a turtle neck blouse was established. That was the time of The West Side Story, so my mother's mental images meant that I was prohibited from using this. Subsequently, time and trend changed several times and I have at times been flooded with turtle necks also when I did not find them useful. There were times when fashion west and east of the Atlantic were in harmony and others where the gap was as large as that ocean.

These packages were made by my grandmother's sister who immigrated to the U.S. 4th Sept. 1922. Regular visits by her and her husband and later her daughters, has maintained contact across the big pool.

Grandmother's father was given Dusinus as his middle name and was the twelfth-born in a row, 11 of whom lived to adulthood. Of these 8 emigrated to America and only my great-grandfather came back to Denmark. Among the 7, one sister died within a year after she had immigrated, but there were, after all 6 siblings who established families in the United States and has left a number of descendants.

From time to time descendants after the siblings of my great-grandfather has come to visit in Denmark, first with my grandmother, since my parents and later with me. This has raised my curiosity to know how things developed for the family members of all these emmigrants. Since then Danish relatives with similar interests have emerged. In recent years it has further been proved, that already among the great-great-grandfather Thomas Andersen's siblings, there were some who emmigrated to the United States and other descendants of these siblings have since done the same.
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